Part1:FELINE ACNE – blackheads on a cat’s chin

- October 8, 2019



NOTE: Don’t apply the way I applied it! The bottle contents weren’t applied again as an antiseptic, apply an antiseptic using some dish, cup, cotton disc, whatever to avoid contamination of the bottle contents. Use new portions of antiseptic on clean cotton discs/whatever each time.

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  • Clearly you care, and I'm not a cat expert so I'm going to say what went through my mind watching. Imagine someone holding you down, peroxiding your scab and scraping it off with a comb that is painful to use. Have you ever used a lice comb? They are pretty painful without serious lubrication. Helping animals and how it should be done is sometimes counter intuitive. I'm sure this little one is loved and I'm thankful for that.

    ÆonFluxCapacitor - 2 days ago

  • Holy crap, where is my cat? I must look at her chin NOW.

    Rachel Lisa - 3 days ago

  • What a sweet kitty. My cat will let me do this to a point and then she’s done. She’ll start pushing my hand away with her paws.

    A Smith - 1 week ago

  • I did this for several cats with chin acne. One was my neighbor’s cat with sores on his mouth and chin. Unexpectedly, one treatment solved his problem. When it is really bad tho, expect to clean and comb upwards ( neck towards mouth) a couple of times. Thereafter, just combing up may be sufficient.I used a mild antiseptic wash on a cotton ball.

    Elizabeth Cave - 1 week ago

  • Warm wash cloth, and then pull out with tweezers or use comodone loop

    Nicole Immerheiser - 1 week ago

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