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- October 8, 2019



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We are getting more and more women complaining of acne in their late twenties and thirties and even forties. Hormonal acne is a common occurrence in today’s setting.
Whenever the acne is not responding to standard medical treatment given for a proper period of time, we must rule out any underlying hormonal imbalance.

Treatment in hormonal cane should be taken for at least 3 – 6months.

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  • Hi... Mam post pregnency mere acne scars connect hoke bade scar ban rahe hai or jese skin jal gai ho ese scar dikha te hai.. Scar bad rahe hai.. I worried mam k pura face kharab ho jayega... Pahele pimple hote the par scar nahi rahete the. Abhi mera confidence bhi down ho gaya hai.. Skin bhi dark lag rahi hai... 5 month hue hai... Kya e thik hoga...... Pls mam help me out of this worst things

    beauty n style tips with payal - 2 days ago

  • Treating hormonal acne with anti baby pill is absolutely not necessary.. It is not worth the complete side effects!!! Ladies go for natural Ayurvedic treatment, Indian medicine system has knowledge about all these problems, but people lost interest and trust in their own roots...

    Carolin Dutt - 5 days ago

  • Hello doctor 🙂 I always get acne just few days before my periods. What should i do? Are there any home remedies for that???

    Shweta Indolia - 1 week ago

  • Maem maene acne ka medicine liya uske bd mere periods irregular ho gae
    Plzz comment maem plzzz

    Suru - 1 week ago

  • I recommend this acne guide “Kαtοnοz tdα” (Google it) to any person who is suffering from discovering the right acne cures for themselves. Acne has run in my family and I experienced using some cure for acne. Luckly, the acne does disappear with this incredible guide. .

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