Blackheads Extractions and Acne Treatment on Daryl

- November 11, 2019



Hi YouTube Family!
I am really excited to share this video of Daryl with you. This is his recent visit with us at the clinic. He shares his latest updates on his progress with his kidney and the what’s next for him.

I used a different approach when doing his treatment. You don’t see me wiping the skin as much after doing extractions even though I do wipe the skin is just that you don’t see it on the video. I also did an oil on oil technique and that is why you see that his skin looks oily. Basically I used an oil to help loosen the content in the pores after I decap the follicle with the glycolic cleanser. The concept behind this technique is that oil is attracted to oil and is a substance that is recognizes by the body so this helps loosen the blackheads and it makes extraction much easier.
I hope you enjoy this video. Thank you for supporting my channel!

Love you guys and thank you for supporting Daryl. Hope you guys have a wonderful and blessed week. Looking forward to hearing from you.You all have a very special place in my heart.

God Bless,
Enilsa Brown

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